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Project management and business support - IT

SYC Consultants has developed significant expertise in the field of Project Management and Business Support to implement new ERP solutions or roll out existing ones.

The firm’s approach puts forwards such considerations as:

  • Importance of process owner teams at the client
  • Entrepreneurial management of the project
  • Confidence and transparency
  • Project Return on Investment
  • Manageable magnitude of projects
  • Opportunities available in the market and open source solutions.

SYC Consultants teams can assist management in particular in the areas of :

  • Design of projected target systems, processes and organizations :
  • Functional analysis and call for tender documentation
  • Short-listing and choice of software and integrators
  • Steps for transfer and loading of data
  • Development of functional documentation
  • Definition and organization of test plans and programs and data validation
  • Definition of training plan and conduct of training sessions
  • Change in management organization and processes
  • Communication throughout the project.